Bringing Horses?


Required Horse or Mule Travel Documents

Horspitality requires a Coggins no older than 6 months from your arrival date.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Health Certificates no older than 20 days.  If you forget them call your Vet and have them faxed to 928-684-0148. Or emailed to If your Vet can't or won't comply, Call ahead and we'll try to get your horse into the Vet down the street. Sorry, we will not allow any horse into the park without the proper paperwork. 

Facilities Horspitality Provides

  • A Large 160 x 80 3 Rail Arena
  • Two Round Pens approx. 60 Ft. Diameter
  • A place to park your horse Trailer near your pen. 
  • A farrier stand for insured and bonded farriers. 
  • Pens which are 16 x 16 or 12 x 24. Some "double pens" are available. 
  • Most pens are covered but uncovered are available. Less than half the pen is covered.
  • Gates are provided to access hundreds of miles of riding trails.  
  • Riding ranges from flat to mountainous. From soft sand to rocky. 
  • Hay and other feeds are available from several suppliers. Most will deliver. 
  • Each pen is supplied with a pallet for hay and a water bucket and feed barrel. 
  • The horse area has a porta Potty for your convenience. 

Arizona Law Governing Equine Activities

EQUINE ACTIVITES: Per Arizona Law, an equine activities sponsor or equine owner’s agent is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risk of equine activities pursuant to A.R.S. 12-553. 

Wondering How Good the Riding Is?

Don't worry if this is your first time at Horspitality.  You will meet some of the nicest folks you could ever imagine. Many of our guests have been coming for as many as 20 years.  They will "show you around" the Arizona Desert.  There are rides going out daily.  Maybe a few coed or ladies only or just a couple of buddies.  Some days it will be 10 or 20 heading out.  Maybe a romantic couples ride. (We never suggest riding alone. 

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One of our guests wrote an article for his horse club after visiting Horspitality.  His description of the horse riding and the Park is better than any description we could write.  

What People Say