Bringing Pets?

Proof of Shots


All outdoor pets are required to have up to date shots and vaccinations.  Please bring your documentation. We have additional rules governing pets in our "Park Rules" You are expected to abide by them. 

Pet Restrictions


We do not allow aggressive pets . We never allow pit bulls or any dog resembling a pit bull.  All pets are required to be on a leash at all times. No pet may be unattended out doors unless the owner is present. 

Pick IT Up!!


Guests are required to pick up after their pets.  We have numerous pet disposal stations throughout the park. You MUST use them.  If you do not we will subtract $100 from you deposit for each infraction and you could be required to leave.

We Love Pets


Most guests have pets. The owners have 4 pups and 6 cats and a donkey.  We love pets.  But having said that, we do not feel it is fair to subject our guests to other's pets who cannot follow rules. we expect everyone to follow the park rules.

Dog Park


We have a small dog park where you can let your dog off the leash so it can play.  It has a bench for the owner to relax.  Also, you can go out the gates at the back of the park and your dog can run to their heart's content.

Many Areas To Walk Fido


Horspitality has acres of dog walks.  The horse area. (Yes you have to Pick up.  A wash on the south boarder. (Pick Up) Dog Park. (Pick Up) Outside the park boundaries. (Don't Pick Up)