All Terrain Vehicles


ATVs Are Welcome At Horspitality

The desert is one of our most important resources and all Horspitality guests take great pride in our surroundings.  Guests NEVER damage the desert.  They bring more waste out than they took in.  ATV's are tools to explore the beauty of Arizona they are not toys used to leave scars in the desert.  

Hundreds of Miles of Trails

Horspitality has a special gate for ATVs.  It is separate from the horse gate and the vehicle gate.  It takes you out the back of the park into the Hassayampa River. (The river seldom has water in it.)  You can go North of South on the dry river for 100 miles.  About 7 miles north and 3 miles south you come upon water at the surface.  The water is inches deep and very drinkable.  Head across the river under the train tresle and up into the desert. Then ride for hundreds of miles to anywhere and nowhere.  

Groups, Couples and Individuals

Groups leave the park on a daily basis.  Some groups are as small as two and as large as 50.  Rides can be as a short trip to watch the sunset from a hill top to a 50 mile ride to ghost towns or historic sites. Rides can be as difficult as a dry river jaunt to a mountain climb.  Since many of our guests have been coming to Horspitality for years, an experienced guide is always available for your exploration.  Several times per season guests trailer out to trail heads located between Wickenburg and Prescott to explore distant historic treasures.  Some trips have even gone to the corners of the state. 

You Are Making A Mistake

 If you have an ATV and haven't used it as a tool for exploration you are missing the best part of ATVing. 

ATVs are Street Legal in Wickenburg

Providing you have ATV Insurance and a Valid ATV License Tag and of course a valid driver's license you can operate you ATV on the highway in front of Horspitality and on the streets of Wickenburg.