About Us



Horspitality is a unique experience. As you enter our Western Arch Entrance you can feel the Old West come over you. Look out at the mountains that surround the park. As you drop down into the Hassayampa River Valley observe the giant palm trees and the large Mulberry trees which shade the sites. Beyond are very large Cottonwood Trees located in the stable area.

Our mission is to provide an experience designed to allow our guests to relax and enjoy the wonderful western desert environment.  Horspitality provides as many activities as most guests can handle. 

No Horses Required

Though we do have horse stables, over half our guests do not bring horses.  They prefer to ride their ATV's or hike or just relax and enjoy the many activities that take place at Horspitality.  Oh, the stables are located far enough away from the RV Park that many guests aren't even aware there are horses close by. 

If you are interested in bringing your horses or mules, click on the "Bringing Horses" button and we'll show you what you need to bring with you to enjoy some real excitement.